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Why FlashParking
Road to Recovery


The Mobility Landscape is Changing

The way people get around is rapidly evolving.  Your customers are behaviors are changing along with their expectations.  

40% of commuters in US Major cities expecting to drive alone to work post-COVID

1 in 4 US office workers expecting to be able to work remotely at least one day a week.   

In fact, 26% of US consumers expect their next vehicle to be electric.

When is a Parking Garage No Longer A Parking Garage? 

Your customers expect a 21st century parking experience and to do that, you need to access an extensible ecosystem that transforms a parking facility into a mobility hub.  

Introducing The New Mobility
Consumer Journey
So how does it all come together? That’s up to you and it’s up to your parkers.

With Flash and Arrive’s APIs, Software Development Kits, and Ecosystem
of Partners and Integrations, we customize and connect your mobility hub.

The new mobility journey begins with Planning & Reserving -- follow along.
Planning & Reserving
More and more, consumers are doing advanced planning. This might
happen from the couch, from their computer, or not at all but consumers
are either: event planning, travel planning, or trip planning.
Departure & En Route
Whether advanced planning happened or not, the next journey
phase is en route. The big buckets are vehicle integrations
and mobility integrations. We can help you deliver a seamless
in-car experience for drivers or enable access to an array of
demand partners.
Arrival at your destination is still largely an analog experience with
physical signage, but digital signage with real-time responsive
messaging will become more important, especially as vehicle autonomy
come into play.
Access Control
Access is shifting towards digital to remove as much friction as possible
while maintaining revenue control. From Bluetooth access and digitally
generated QR codes to AI machine-learning cameras, you can transform access
from mundane to magical.
21st Century Parking is tablestakes. It’s the basic expectation to
provide a smooth ingress and egress for every parker with touchless
access and contactless payments, all powered by a future-ready
platform that can stay in lock-step with evolving parking demands.
Mobility Add-ons
The way we move is changing the way we park. The ability to
offer parking plus additional mobility services, like EV charging
or access to eScooters, that are already part of your customer's
new journey is how you extract more value out of your asset.
Cash may be king, but the ability to collect payment as frictionlessly and
quickly as possible via digital payments is not only what your customers want,
it's an opportunity to engage and delight customers that drives repeat business.
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Find the Information That’s Right for You

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Now is the time to Embrace Digital Transformation  

FLASH & Arrive have created the fist end-to-end digital platform to address new consumer behaviors and growing fragmentation in mobility. The modern parker wants:

        • Mobility Choices  
        • Enhanced Experiences  
        • Mobile First  

 They need convenient access to both parking and EV charging stations, all with touchless payment options. They want easy access to micro mobility solutions like scooters and car sharing/hailing services. They expect this seamless experience at their fingertips. 

When you digitize your operations, digitize your demand, and digitize your payments, you will win. And as your technology partner, we’re ready to help. 

FlashParking’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell Management

We Are Ready to Listen and Provide Your Solution Today

See for yourself how easy, intuitive, and powerful our valet, event, and PARCS solutions are.