The FLASH Valet Free Version

A 21st Century Valet Parking Solution.

The country is opening back up for business and everyone will be looking for places to park. Get ready for the upcoming surge, learn more about our free version of FLASH's original valet solution.


No contracts, no fine print, and all you need is any Apple device.

Find out how to optimize your valet operations.


Take your valet operation from analog to a seamless digital experience.

Zero Cost to Deploy

The Free Version of FLASH's original valet solution is exactly how it sounds, completely free for you to set-up and use, all you need is an iPhone or iPad

No Long-Term Commitment

With no costs to you, you can start or end at any time

Operation Visibility

Turn anonymous customers to in-depth data on your customer's habits and usage

Digital Payments

Consumers demand the ability to make digital payments, cater to their evolving needs by allowing your customers to make digital payments at their leisure, and eliminating the revenue headaches that come with a cash-based organization.

Improved Customer Experience

Your valet is the first and last impression your customers get, FLASH valet creates a seamless experience and lets you get customer feedback on the spot

Easy Damage Cataloguing

Damage claims are a pain for every operator, now you can easily record all pre-existing damage easily and quickly with your Apple device.


How it works


Instead of a paper ticket, the customer checks-in with their mobile number and receives a welcome text with instructions on how to retrieve their vehicle.


When it’s time to leave, the customer replies to the welcome text to request their vehicle, or walks up to the valet stand and shows the valet the welcome text. Customers can pay and tip for their car right there on the phone.

Vehicle delivery

Guests will be notified via text when their vehicle is ready for pick-up. A survey can be included to rate their valet parking experience.

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