[On-demand Webinar] Think Like an Innovator: How Mobility Leaders are Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the Lines to Drive Revenue

How Mobility Leaders are Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the Lines
to Drive Revenue in Parking Assets

In this webinar, which originally aired October 20th, 2020, Tyler DuMont of FlashParking and Travis Walker of EVBox discuss strategies for parking owners and operators to diversify revenue by introducing new mobility services.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The innovator’s approach to developing solutions that meet consumer demand
  • How asset owners and operators can capitalize on new mobility
  • The critical role of parking in electrifying mobility
  • How micromobility plays a role in new transportation behavior
  • How to drive revenue through diversification

To Learn How You Can Tap Into New Revenue Streams Today

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”


Henry Ford

Inventor of the Model T

Innovation is often driven by passion, curiosity – or even by accident. Rarely do people demand specific technologies that they’re later handed. More often it is innovators themselves who are attuned to the needs of individuals and communities, recognizing gaps and imagining better ways for things to be done.

The role of the innovator is to replace need with ingenuity. In the world of parking, that means thinking outside of the box to solve new mobility challenges and discover new revenue streams.

When you learn to Think Like an Innovator, you’ll see past the concrete box to understand how modern consumers utilize a mix of modes to get from A to B. An entire ecosystem of new micromobility technologies, logistics fleets, and electric vehicles are thriving alongside cars. And they can all park alongside cars, too. It’s time to innovative the garage to invite new mobility into the parking space.