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FlashIQ: Your Operational Nerve Center

FlashIQ is a proprietary engine designed to put you at the pulse of your operations, second-by-second. With real-time insights into key metrics like revenue and occupancy, live equipment health monitors, and predictive data models, the FlashIQ engine puts the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Looking across their entire portfolio, organizations can pick up on big-picture trends in the market environment and begin developing strategic initiatives. With custom location groupings, those organizations can dig deeper into different market dynamics and uncover potential new sources of revenue that have be left untapped.

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Real-time Data and Actionable analytics

Real-Time Insights

At a day-to-day level, your FlashIQ dashboard will display key metrics like occupancy and revenue, monitor equipment health, and inform volume or event-related rate changes for each of your locations.

Portfolio-Wide View

To inform more strategic, long-term decisions, you can view analytics at a portfolio-wide level. The real power of a predictive data intelligence engine, though, lies in its ability to report on custom location groupings.

Real-time Equipment Health

Knowing the health of your operator at a site-level and across your portfolio is critical to ensuring maximum uptime. With real-time visibility into equipment health down to the lane.

Custom Location Groupings

Custom groupings can be created to analyze regional movement trends, identify rural and suburban commute patterns, and to highlight demand gaps. In turn, these insights can signal unmet needs in your market and inform decisions.


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From expansive medical centers managing dozens of facilities to bustling downtown garages controlling high traffic for small spaces, our customers are redefining what it means to park.

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