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Parking is just the beginning

FlashParking’s suite of proprietary parking technology and business intelligence engine are complemented by an ecosystem of value-added CoLaborators in smart parking, transportation, and logistics.

With so many ways to get from point A to point B these days, consumers are looking to maximize the value of their transportation – with whatever mix of cost, time, and enjoyment is most important to them. By positioning yourself at the center of all these different modes of movement – from cars to rideshares to eScooters – you can provide options to consumers and stability to those alternative mobility partners, while funneling all that value back to your parking asset.

Access to FlashParking’s exclusive network of CoLaborators gives parking assets the opportunity to diversify revenue with these emerging services and adopt a future-ready business model that sets you up for success in the markets of today and tomorrow.

The future of mobility isn’t limited to cars, why should you be?

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Tapping into the Partner Ecosystem

This revolutionary approach to parking assets is actually based on age-old advice: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

While parking is still a critical piece of urban mobility – it’s not the only one.

We believe that new modes of getting around are increasingly coming under demand from consumers, with the potential to disrupt personal vehicle ownership.

Diversify Revenue

Introducing more modes of mobility into your parking asset is an opportunity to generate more sources of revenue. Whether that revenue is from existing customers finding more depth of value or new customers taking advantage of the breadth of services you offer, you’re deriving new sources of value and delivering them directly to the community.

Adopt a Future-Ready Strategy

We can’t claim to know exactly what demand will look like 10 years from now; what we do know is that demand is dynamic and to be successful, you have to be able to adapt.Will the most popular form of urban transportation in 10 years be scooters? Will we all be driving flying cars? No one can say – and it might be much different in your city than ours. But with the ability to stay versatile and the insights to recognize shifts, you can find success in the markets of today and the markets of tomorrow, regardless of what they look like.

FlashParking’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell Management

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