Built Today and Ready for Tomorrow: The Power of End-to-End Mobility Services

End-to-end parking technology that addresses each step of a traveler’s journey is here, and it’s revolutionizing smart cities. 

What do we mean by end-to-end? To illustrate, consider the following scenario: you’ve outlined the travel habits of five distinct and varied “archetypes” for the types of customers you have. An end-to-end technology suite would ensure you could help facilitate and meet the travel needs of each of these archetypes from the beginning to the end of their journey. If set up correctly, your mix of PARCS software, payment systems, and other mobility services will equip you to handle a person’s trip from the planning to parking phases. Even if you own varied assets, like a gateless surface lot and a gated garage, you could handle it all.

At FLASH, we spend a huge portion of our time creating end-to-end solutions that could make the above scenario come true for you. So, you might say that we’re a little bit excited to be one of the select parking technology providers that truly offer end-to-end solutions that begin with journey planning and parking reservations and end with payments. Our goal is to be everywhere your customers are going, and we’re proud to now have digital offerings for every style of parking asset and the parkers within them.

Achieving this level of technical coverage is no small feat and is due to an incredible, dedicated team and a crystal clear vision. In our continuing journey toward solutions that can serve you today and prepare you for the future, we’re focused on the following areas of growth.

Harnessing the Power of Existing Mobility Services

No ambitious company is an island. Just like individuals, we do better by learning together and combining forces. It’s only then that our services can span the entire mobility journey. Our merging with Arrive has helped us create a truly end-to-end experience. Among a wide range of solutions, Arrive excels in providing demand-side technology that parkers can use to set up their journey while simultaneously helping asset owners and operators increase their visibility. With apps like ParkWhiz, users can reserve parking ahead of time and be met by the FLASH suite of services when they arrive at the asset. Customers are traveling through the FLASH ecosystem throughout the entirety of their journey.

The capabilities above afford a large amount of flexibility in the service configurations we provide. If one product doesn’t quite fit a particular operator’s needs, we have a suite of others that might. It all depends on the application. For example, we saw an opportunity to strengthen our enforcement solutions to service airports and other assets that need an extra level of revenue security—that’s why we merged with OmniPark. Now, we have access to OmniPark’s amazing revenue-saving opportunities and can supply an even more broad range of end-to-end solutions.

Expanding Integrations

In any smart city, mobility is a network. It’s made of different services seamlessly integrating to help get people from A to B without delays. That’s why, sometimes, we need to hitch a ride with other great software—in the form of integrations. When we work with other hardware and software, we expand access to our services and make it even easier to be a part of an end-to-end solution.

A particularly cool example is Arrive’s integration with Ticketmaster. It allows customers to pay for parking along with their show ticket, providing a better event experience that also puts us right at the start of the traveler’s journey planning.

First and foremost—our integrations allow owners and operators to find new sources of revenue by introducing unique capabilities that makes them stand out from the pack while becoming more attractive to customers. For example, operators can choose to introduce our license plate recognition (LPR) technology to have better capacity tracking and have a complete understanding of their asset at any given moment. The beauty of integrations is that they can be add-ons in many cases, supporting already existing configurations by introducing new features.

Building Customer-First End-to-End Solutions

Mobility is in your pocket. At least, that’s increasingly true for parking customers. Travelers are expecting to plan and pay for their journeys from their phones in one fell swoop. That’s why any operator would benefit from impacting the customer at the onset of their journey. To respond to this trend, we built our eParking solutions. Available as part of our integration suites from tools like ParkWhiz, eParking allows customers to reserve their space and pre-pay. It’s easy as pie—and provides a frictionless experience once people arrive at your asset.

Our valet software is built for people first, too. Customers can engage and go through the valet transaction right on their phones for maximum convenience. The only thing the valet driver does is deliver the keys in the end. This type of tech lends itself to the end-to-end experience, even if it’s just within a singular dining or event experience.

A parking experience with touchpoints at the beginning and endpoints of a journey is becoming table stakes in a mobility industry that takes giant technological strides each year. We ensure that we’re able to do what our clients need on a day-to-day basis while future-proofing their business for tomorrow’s travel habits.

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