Extending the Luxury Experience to the Parking Garage at Bal Harbour Shops

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The Challenge

Bal Harbour is an upscale outdoor mall located outside of Miami, FL. Clientele of the center’s luxury shops and world-class dining expect the most from vendors
and amenities alike.

For many years, onsite cashiers would interact with customers, collect cash, and enforce parking. At peak times of day, these long exchanges would lead to lines backing up at garage entries and exits.

Alongside other site improvements, Bal Harbour ultimately decided that an automated parking system was a must have for today’s mobile-based consumers.

The Solution

After evaluating different automated hardware and software providers in the market, “FLASH was the one solution that checked all the boxes,” says Joaquin Rojas, Director of Parking for Bal Harbour. For the team’s parking consultant, it was DIY maintenance and the app-oriented model in particular that made FLASH stand out.

FLASH provided Bal Harbour with a complete solution fit for the 21st century. Pay-on-foot kiosks were moved to a centralized location to encourage visitors to pay before getting in their cars and proceeding to the exit. The 22 cashiers have been reduced to just six ambassadors that greet customers and assist with any questions about the shopping or parking experience.

The location’s upcoming valet service will also be managed on the FLASH platform for a modern user experience and streamlined management.

Other FLASH products installed include:

The Result

For Joaquin Rojas and his team, the cloud-based management capabilities have been the biggest advantage. “FLASH gives me the tools to manage multiple locations without physically being there: I can change rates from my house, see revenue, pull reports,” explains Rojas.

Bal Harbour’s customers are also enjoying the benefits of FLASH. With increased automation and greater emphasis on pay-on-foot kiosks, getting in and out of the garage is a breeze. The location’s average transaction time is less than a minute. Today, Bal Harbour sees about 18,000 transactions a day. Since installing FLASH, payments have gone from being 60% cash and 40% credit card to just 15% cash and 85% credit card.

An automated system combined with minimal in garage staff gives customers a more convenient interaction that’s still warm and welcoming. The site has also managed to reduce cashier payroll from 280 hours a week to just 160, empowering Bal Harbour to reinvest in improvement projects and future-ready amenities like car washes and EV charging.

FLASH gives me the tools to manage multiple locations without physically being there: I can change rates from my house, see revenue, pull reports,”