1111 Lincoln Road – Real Customers/Real Results

Venue Name: 1111 Lincoln Road

Venue Location: 1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Venue Type: Parking Garage

Operated By: LAZ Parking

Venue Challenges: With award-winning architecture, the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage needed high tech parking solutions to match its cutting-edge design. The garage serves a diverse group of patrons from around the globe and therefore required parking software that could offer multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. Due to the frequent use of cash among foreign visitors, the garage needed cash payment options and the ability to manage cash with a bill note recycler (BNR). Greeting this diverse group of tech-savvy guests, it was important to 1111 Lincoln Road garage that they stay updated with the latest technology. It was also essential for 1111 to find equipment that could operate effectively in the tropical climate of Miami Beach.

Venue Solution:

FlashParking Solutions — FlashPARCS
Equipment Installed — 2 Entry Smart Stations, 2 Exit Smart Stations, Pay-on-Foot Smart Station, Cash Machine with Bill Note Recycler (BNR)

To accommodate high volumes of tech-savvy guests at 1111 Lincoln Road, FlashParking equipped two entrance and exit lanes with Smart Stations for credit card payments. Each SmartStation is equipped with the latest technology and is ready to integrate capabilities like Bluetooth and EMV chip payment options.

Visitors are now able to pay with cash at a conveniently-located pedestrian access kiosk equipped with a bill note recycler (BNR). FlashParking’s Cash Machines are designed to be diversely functional and reliably efficient. The BNR has a 98% first-time bill acceptance rate, reducing the amount of time customer spend at the gate straightening out bills and backing up egress traffic.

All of 1111’s new parking management equipment was designed to withstand the coastal climate of Miami Beach. The Smart Stations have a UL Certified powder-coated aluminum exterior that is proven to resist corrosion and function in high temperatures and humidity. Furthermore, the powder-coated aluminum shell can be wrapped with any design to match the garage’s modern design aesthetic.

FlashParking’s SmartStations run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which provides 1111 Lincoln Road remote access to real-time reporting and status updates for the garage. Management can now oversee rate changes, credit card payments, eParking reservations, electronic validations, and more with scheduled or on-demand reports delivered straight to a phone or browser.

FlashParking proposed an adjustment to software’s standard English and Spanish language options to offer an additional choice of Portuguese. FlashMobile, a mobile payment solution is also available for guests to pay directly from a bank account or credit card before they exit, improving efficiency and maintaining the innovative image of the garage.

All of FlashParking’s hardware and software is designed to evolve as technology advances. Rather than paying for expensive upgrades and major replacements in the future, 1111 now has the ability to maintain and update their technology with ease, including:

  1. Software Updates: The cloud platform allows FlashParking to perform software updates remotely on behalf of 1111, eliminating the downtime associated with software update maintenance.
  2. Hardware/Equipment Updates: The components of our SmartStations function individually in a USB-based system to allow for customization and technology updates without replacing the entire station.