Join the Mobility Movement with these 5 Parking Best Practices

We like things fast. Fast cars, fast computers, and—for some—fast food. As technology continues to become increasingly integrated into every aspect of daily life, consumer expectations for rapid response and innovation are at an all-time high. Now is the time for parking asset owners and operators to soup up their engines and load their dashboards with all of the bells and whistles that modern tech has to offer. FlashParking’s suite of intelligent parking management solutions leverages assets to maximize flexibility and quickly drive growth. Smart Parking isn’t something coming along down the line—it’s here now

A successful Smart Parking strategy combines technology and innovation to generate revenue growth and productivity while reducing the amount of on-the-ground interaction needed with equipment and consumers. Integrating the latest in mobile parking software, artificial intelligence engines, and onsite parking hardware allows asset owners to operate their lots and garages remotely to achieve faster, easier, and denser parking. Solving consumer challenges by seamlessly fusing parking solutions with existing activities will completely transform the parking experience and broaden the range of services available.

FlashParking will help you merge directly into the fast-lane with our flexible and effective suite of parking revenue management solutions

1). Join The Mobile Parking Movement

The term “mobile parking” might seem like an oxymoron, but simply put, it’s the introduction of mobile phone convenience in relation to the parking industry. Parking asset owners can quickly diversify their lots to create mobility hubs, drawing in new revenue by taking on a mobile-first approach to consumer demand. 

Most consumers are accustomed to using their phones to perform many daily tasks, from checking train schedules to booking reservations at their favorite restaurants. Many urbanites regularly use mobile technology to search for ride-sharing hubs and electric vehicle charging stations. 

More and more businesses will inevitably be moved to adopt mobile strategies into their existing models in order to stay current. That time has arrived for the parking industry. FlashParking enables parking lot owners and operators to quickly get up to speed and join the mobile revolution race.

2). Be Fast and Flexible

Entering the mobile app environment enables asset owners to adjust key elements of their businesses on the fly. The intelligent integration of our cloud-based parking management solutions, our real-time business intelligence engine, and simplified hardware design provide the utmost flexibility and configurability. Asset owners and operators can update, reset, adjust, and monitor their hardware remotely via FlashOS, our cloud-based management system. 

Adjusting to consumer needs as quickly as possible is the key to being relevant and staying out in front of the pack. Touchless Parking is a prime example of how FlashParking can keep up with consumer demand as new challenges arise. At the onset of the COVID pandemic, motion-activated ticket dispensing seemingly became the industry standard overnight. Where lots and garages of the past might take months to overhaul and update their entire systems, FlashParking customers can modernize their systems remotely with immediate over-the-air updates and roll out new features within days, leaving the competition in the dust.

3). Fast Parking = Fast Money

A key selling point of the FlashParking ecosystem is the implementation of dynamic pricing to align with surges and lulls when it comes to daily, weekly, and monthly usage. Asset owners and operators who take advantage of flexible pricing for both planned and unplanned events can maximize their revenue potential at every given opportunity—all through instantaneous, cloud-based updates. No more heading out to the garage every few hours on busy nights with a sharpie and a sandwich board in hand.

Real-time data drives the decision-making process that previously required time and manual labor to be updated or adapted with existing assets. The artificial intelligence aspect of our parking management system is nimble and able to adjust based on predictable trends in your area, as well as fluke incidents such as nearby accidents and road closures. In today’s fast-paced market, asset owners benefit from dynamic pricing by being able to react quickly and respond with rates that reflect actual demand.

4). Get Your Crew Together

It used to take a villagenow it takes the worldwide web. When parking owners begin to imagine their lots and garages taking on multiple uses and offering a variety of modes of transportation and mobility services under one roof, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Our parking management concept goes beyond basic occupancy monitoring to seamlessly integrate new partners and services, keeping your asset fully operational and busy at all times. Transform and maximize the productivity of your less lucrative hours by offering ride-share staging, fleet servicing, or space that can be used as a pop-up mobile food court.

Gaining access to our entire network of partners enables you to provide more for your customers than just traditional parking. By simultaneously servicing multiple consumer needs, such as bicycle and scooter rentals, EV charging stations, car cleaning and washing services, and last-mile transportation pick-up and drop-off points, your asset will remain relevant, flexible, and profitable.

5). The Final Stretch

When seconds count, real-time data and smart parking tech will help owners identify and satisfy consumer needs by offering options that provide the most value at any given time. You have the lot; now it’s time to use the right technology and hardware to get your business across the finish line. Future-proof your parking asset with dynamic, intelligent solutions to convert it into a fully-operational mobility hub.

The mobility and parking race isn’t slowing down any time soon. FlashParking will help you merge directly into the fast-lane with our flexible and effective suite of parking revenue management solutions. We’re at a critical inflection point in the parking revolution. Our mobility model helps parking lot owners and operators create assets that respond in real-time with agility and expertise, increase revenue, become valuable community resources, and prepare owners and operators for long-term stability and success. FlashParking’s suite of parking management solutions and strategies is the competitive advantage needed to keep your business capable and current in this rapidly evolving world.

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