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Mobile First

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The Consumer Experience

Designed for the modern, tech-savvy, and on-the-go consumer, our mobile platforms for payment, validation, and monthly parker access are fast, user-friendly, and leverage the technology your parkers interact with every day, like Bluetooth.

The Management Experience

Real-time visibility and operational controls are accessible on the FlashParking app and FlashValet app for on-the-go-management and streamlined operations.

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Mobile-First from the Start

The founders of Flash came from the mobile payments world, so they knew first-hand the benefits of having a mobile-first product. Mobile-first isn’t a buzz word here at Flash, it’s in our product DNA and delivers these benefits:


Equipment health, occupancy, rates, and other powerful data analytics can be accessed via the FlashIQ dashboard.


Our web-based portal for user, validator, and account management plus support is accessible anytime, anywhere.

FlashParking Mobile Apps

We have two proprietary mobile applications: one for end-users to gain monthly parker access and one for Valet and PARCS management

White Glove Mobile Apps

Our development team can custom-design white glove mobile applications for clients or integrate seamlessly with pre-existing partner applications.

Bluetooth Access

Users can gain Bluetooth-enabled access via mobile device either through the FlashParking mobile app or integrated partner applications.

mobile first

What Our Clients Have To Say

From expansive medical centers managing dozens of facilities to bustling downtown garages controlling high traffic for small spaces, our customers are redefining what it means to park.

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