Making Waves: A New Approach to Parking Inspires a Sea of Change at Weymouth’s Lane Beach


Interview with Steve Reily, Director of Parks & Recreation, Town of Weymouth

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Smart Kiosks



Revenue Growth

The Problem

George E. Lane Beach is a popular swimming attraction with an adjacent boat ramp located in the town of Weymouth, MA. For the past 35 years, the city-owned property managed parking the old-fashioned way: an attendant collecting cash and scribbling license plate numbers on a notepad.

 To streamline the process for beachgoers and to improve accountability, the city sought out a more modern solution for managing parking access and revenue control.

The Solution

FLASH first proposed fundamental layout improvements to improve flow and accessibility to prevent entry points from backing onto main roads. Lane Beach opted for FLASH’s unique self-service maintenance model, which has allowed on-site staff to easily keep equipment up and running with the help of FLASH’s 24/7 support line.

Equipment installed across the property’s two lots under the Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) purchasing model includes…

Additional software modules include…

The Result

After taking the project from concept to install in just 8 weeks, the Lane Beach lots immediately started seeing revenue jump. In fact, in just two months since their go live date, the city has realized revenue 300% higher than an entire year pre-install. Controlling access has also reduced the prevalence of unregulated after-hours visitors that would leave the lots littered with trash.

“The only regret I have with FLASH is not doing this sooner." Stephen Reilly, Director of Parks & Recreation

The financial impacts of a FLASH parking technology system combined with improved safety and community benefits have prompted the city to embark on a beautification project that will bring the lot’s physical infrastructure up to par with its new smart technology infrastructure.

Over the next few months, Weymouth Parks & Recreation Director Steve Reilly expects to see newly paved roadways, sidewalks, signage, and landscaping that will completely transform the community space.