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Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

The future is finally within reach – and so is the technology to take you there.



Revolutionary Purchasing Model

We introduced the Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model to make our offering accessible to anyone who is ready to stake their place in the future of parking. The perceptual shift we’ve ignited in the industry is one to be adopted not only by the successors of the last era of parking – but also by the emerging leaders of the next one.

That’s why our HaaS model wraps a winning combination of 21st century parking technology, business intelligence, and a lifetime equipment warranty together into a predictable monthly payment. As assets subscribed to the model find new ways to better serve their customers or opportunities to expand operations, they can confidently grow the initial investment with upgrades and expansions.

Once a capital expense, hardware and software on the HaaS model become an operating expense that aligns entire portfolio revenues, allows them to standardize on a single operating system, and ultimately revamps those static parking garages into flexible mobility assets that are set up for success in the future.

This revolutionary purchasing model is eliminating risk and tearing down financial barriers. Ready to open FLASH’s door to the future? Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is the key.

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No Risk. All Reward.

Our unique HaaS model was designed to make longevity affordable. You get all the benefits of a sophisticated Flash system – from the durable equipment to the cutting-edge software – without the barriers or risk. Plus, with opportunities to customize and scale your investment over time, HaaS can grow alongside your organization.

Zero Barriers to Entry

The HaaS model makes FLASH accessible with minimal upfront costs and consistent month-to-month pricing.

Low Risk

With minimal capital expenditure and no long-term contracts, HaaS eliminates the risk associated with investing in a high-end solution.

No Surprises

A lifetime warranty, routine service, and software updates are all included with no surprise costs down the line.


Grow your subscription over time to meet evolving operational needs and changing market demands.

FLASH’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell Management

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