How to Reach Today’s Consumers with Mobile & Digital Tools

Digital, mobile-first experiences are the foundation for every modern business – and parking is no different. But in the emerging parking and mobility space, digital tools can also be used to gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

With countless new mobile payment technologies and futuristic service integrations being introduced to the world of parking, which are the right ones for your current market? What about the new customers you want to attract?

In the digital world, it’s all about meeting consumers where they are with the right services, at the right time, at the right price.

Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Modern millennial drivers plan more trips – and more parts of their journey – in advance with maps and navigation tools like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze; ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster; restaurant reservation services like OpenTable and Resy; even apps for booking parking like ParkWhiz.

Having your parking asset appear on these platforms makes meeting parkers where they are easy. As drivers navigate to their destination, your asset will appear as a nearby parking option on map apps.

When fans book their concert or sporting event tickets, they’ll be offered an opportunity to reserve and pre-pay for parking, too. Learn more about event parking demand solutions.

And when they’re circling blocks downtown, trying to find a space, potential parkers will open their favorite booking app and find a convenient spot in your lot nearby.

With the Right Services

Drivers have increasingly unique needs like EV charging and grocery order pickups that can be met within the parking garage. Assets that offer these kinds of future-ready services in addition to on-site digital payment options – especially when nearby competitors don’t – will win over loyal customers and grow their lifetime value.

Services that go above and beyond – like EV charging, fleet management, delivery lockers, etc – increase the value of transactions and give parkers a reason to come back.

At the Right Time

How far ahead are your customers planning trips? Are they searching for parking once they’re geographically near their destination or are they booking a spot hours – or even days – in advance?

Having insight into your customers’ behavior patterns and introducing features like geotargeting and geofencing put you in front of your customers at precisely the right moment.

At the Right Price

Dynamic pricing is key to maximizing occupancy and profits. Today, platforms like FLASH have the robust machine learning capabilities to predict and respond to demand with smart, real-time pricing changes.

Clearly displaying these prices on parking reservation apps and via digital on-site signage is key to converting drivers into customers.

Modern drivers demand smarter, more connected, and mobile-enabled ways to book, park, and pay. Give them what they want with a suite of FLASH solutions custom-configured for your asset’s unique needs.