FLASH and Arrive Create First End-to-End Digital Platform to Address New Consumer Behaviors and Growing Fragmentation in Mobility

Merging companies enable parking facilities to undergo a digital transformation; positioning parking infrastructure as the key to unlocking the smart city

 Austin, Texas, March 15, 2021 FLASH and  Arrive Mobility, Inc., the leaders in 21st century parking technology, have created the first end-to-end digital parking platform to address significant and ongoing shifts in consumer behavior.

FlashOS’s hardware-enabled, cloud-based platform enables real estate owners and operators of isolated parking assets to transform their locations into dynamically connected mobility hubs; seamlessly integrating with connected vehicles, consumer and gig worker apps, and entertainment properties to be everywhere consumers are as they plan their reemergence.

Commuter and parker behavior will rapidly evolve in an uncertain new normal – impacting how, where and when people move around in their daily life. Key changes include:

  • The flexible work week is here to stay with 1 in 4 U.S. office workers expect to be able to work remotely at least one day a week. (PWC article 2020)
  • Tap-to-pay is an expectation with 50% of 25–55-year-olds using tap-to-pay with their phone at a physical retailer during the pandemic. (Payments Dive study)
  • Personal car usage is spiking with nearly 40% of commuters in major U.S. cities expecting to drive alone to work post-COVID vs 23% who drove solo to work pre-pandemic. (Recent McKinsey survey)
  • Electric vehicles (EV) are emerging as a viable contender to traditional gasoline powered internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. EV sales in the US in 2020 were up 10% vs ICE vehicle sales down 15%. In fact, 26% of US consumers expect their next vehicle to be an EV. (BCG Forecast)
  • Micromobility and food and grocery delivery have seen historic use, and expectation is this will only grow. (eMarketer)

As a result, consumers need a flexible, connected experience to navigate the shifting mobility journey in their everyday lives.  Convenient access to parking, EV charging, micromobility solutions like scooters, and car-sharing/hailing services; all with contactless payment.

“The development of this end-to-end platform comes at a critical time when cities and infrastructure need to transition from analog to digital technology that stays in lockstep with the monumental shifts in consumer behavior and mobility in order to survive,” said Dan Sharplin, Chairman and CEO of FLASH. “Parking is the key to better infrastructure and flexible, smart cities. The time is now to build back better and bring this modernization to life.”

The transformation from isolated parking asset to connected mobility hub starts with digitizing operations – but it does not end there. Business intelligence, future-ready mobility services, and parker engagement are all critical pieces of the puzzle.  Areas of engagement include trip planning, parking access, contactless/mobile payments, EV charging, and last-mile transportation with full or half-day scooter rentals up arrival.

By utilizing Flash and Arrive’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs), and ecosystem of mobility partners and integrations, any owner or operator of a parking garage, structure, or lot can quickly and easily customize their mobility hub. This allows operating partners to better serve their local community by putting consumer needs first while remaining agile and staying ahead of evolving behaviors and innovations in mobility.

Once connected, parking structures, which traditionally occupy some of the most valuable and sought-after real estate in major cities, enable a better, more efficient, and flexible infrastructure, all while laying the groundwork for the future of smart cities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how FLASH is enabling parking facilities to become a critical part of the new consumer mobility journey, previewing our product roadmap and hearing the latest in mobility consumer research, click here to watch FlashFuture ‘21, a free on-demand webinar. You can also contact Rob Duda to arrange for one-on-one interviews. (contact info below).

FLASH CEO Dan Sharplin and Neil Golson, EVP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, most recently presented at the Baird 2021 Vehicle Technology & Mobility Virtual Conference on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. To speak to Sharplin and/or Golson about FLASH, contact either of the FLASH representatives listed below.


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