Streamline Your Parking Technology By Investing In FlashOS & FlashIQ

In order to adapt to and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving parking market, control and flexibility are crucial. FlashParking is radically altering the parking industry to solve existing and traditionally-accepted parking challenges through the innovative integration of cloud-based tech and smart hardware. Our trailblazing suite of parking management solutions transforms outdated parking assets into intelligent, sustainable mobility hubs.

As big-picture trends in the parking market and urban environments change and develop, parking asset owners must create and leverage new strategic initiatives to stay relevant. FlashOS and FlashIQ work together seamlessly as the foundation of your dynamic parking operation. Together, they function as the mind and body of your highly-functioning, automated parking system. While FlashIQ digs deeper into market dynamics and analytics to uncover potential, new, and untapped revenue sources—FlashOS powers the remote operation of your assets, advancing strategies into actions.

“By harnessing the combined power of smart parking hardware and intelligent software, asset owners gain full insight into all of the information needed to understand and activate relevant partnerships and strategies in real-time.”

Build Your Reactive and Responsive Mobility Hub

FlashOS is the cloud-based platform that powers your Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), valet operations, and event management solutions. It is highly configurable and able to scale and adapt to each customer’s unique and growing needs. While traditional PARCS consist of standalone physical hardware and software that need to be managed onsite, FlashOS’s capabilities extend beyond the obsolete limits of manual interfacing. Owners can unlock their parking assets’ full potential through a cloud-based management solution, eliminating the inefficient processes of manually managing onsite hardware and software.

As the virtual eyes and ears of your parking control system, FlashOS is responsive. It continually gathers real-time performance data from your various revenue streams, including ticket machines, gate arms, and cash machines. It reports this all back to the FlashIQ dashboard. Monitoring your entire portfolio’s real-time equipment health at site-level is critical to ensuring maximum uptime and eliminating squandered opportunities.

As the muscle of the operation, FlashOS is reactive. It acts as your cloud-based “man on the ground” 24/7. In addition to monitoring your hardware and usage, it can also remotely reset and adjust key parameters, such as pricing and availability. Whenever new technologies and needs emerge, such as touchless parking, FlashOS’s scalable model is ideal for adding new computing integrations. It does this without the need to hire or train new staff or technicians. Consider it the key to future-proofing your parking assets.

The Brains of Your Smart Parking Operation

FlashOS is the muscle that powers FlashParking’s entire suite of mobility solutions, while FlashIQ is the brains of the operation. It’s your digital dashboard for real-time insights into parking access, revenue control, EV charging stations, last-mile pickup and dropoff points, and eParking reservations. FlashIQ’s artificial intelligence engine guides you through vital and immediate decisions based on opportunities and gaps. It signals unmet needs in your market.

By analyzing regional movement trends, and identifying rural and suburban commute patterns, FlashIQ actively works to capitalize on potential volume- or event-related changes at any of your parking portfolio locations. FlashIQ discovers and offers actionable paths to optimize revenue potential, while leveraging and triggering different elements of your mobility hub.

FlashIQ also enables parking lot owners and operators to harness the awesome power of FlashOS. When paired with remote access to your parking hardware through FlashOS, nearly instantaneous data actualization and response assure that your business remains in sync with the public’s immediate needs at a minute-by-minute level.

The winning combination of FlashOS and FlashIQ empowers owners to rapidly restructure and repurpose their lots to make critical decisions expediently and authoritatively. Predictive data models and accurate key metrics such as occupancy, revenue, and live equipment health monitors support faster day-to-day decision-making. Flash IQ aids in creating, maintaining, and optimizing strategies to ensure your parking asset’s immediate and future success.

Streamlined Parking Technology With FlashOS and FlashIQ

FlashParking’s connected cloud-based platform offers nearly unlimited potential for growth and expansion. Our smart parking technology can adapt to and thrive in any circumstance. By integrating new and emerging mobility modes with traditional parking needs, asset owners can discover and exploit a new world of potential revenue streams.

FlashParking is empowering its customers to attract an entirely new demographic of users previously out of traditional parking structures’ purview. FlashOS users will be part of the burgeoning parking revolution, transforming how people think about and interact with parking lots and structures.

By harnessing smart parking hardware and intelligent software’s combined power, asset owners can gain full insight into all of the information needed to understand and activate relevant partnerships and strategies in real-time. Whether it’s repurposing space for ridesharing, food truck vendors, eScooter and biking docs, or last-mile delivery services, the ability to virtually diversify square footage based on consumer needs ensures more revenue, long-term value, and greater social and community connectivity.

Curious About How Mobility Hubs Work?

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