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Frictionless Access

AVI, LPR, and FlashBeacon Technology

Frictionless access, a.k.a. Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), is no longer a luxury—it is quickly becoming the standard for monthly parkers. Parkers want to be able to come and go without having to roll down their car window, which is why FlashParking offers full integrations with Tagmaster, Transcore, HTS’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, as well as our own proprietary Bluetooth access option.

Depending upon your venue and operational needs we have a frictionless access option that will take your monthly parking to the next level.

Frictionless Access Options


A leader in AVI, TransCore’s wireless, RFID-based system ensures the highest level of security, while providing hands-free convenience and sustainability. TransCore is perfect for facilities that are looking for an AVI-option that is integrated with toll-tags.


Another leader in AVI, TagMaster’s offers a high-quality RFID product that offers a cost-effective frictionless access option. Utilizing an RFID-fob, parkers have the ability to gain entry and exit without the hassle of rolling down their window.

License Plate Recognition

FlashParking is fully integrated with HTS’s License Plate Recognition system. HTS’s “SeeCloud” is an effective, cost-efficient and scale-able License Plate Recognition. It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SeeCloud’s cloud-based architecture means that there is no infrastructure to install or maintain – just supply the images and access the data – in real-time

BLE Beacon Technology

FlashParking is excited to debut FlashBeacon, our frictionless access option that utilizes Bluetooth beacon technology, which comes standard in all variations of our Smart Stations. Monthly parkers can download FlashParking’s mobile app, and seamlessly connect the parker’s mobile device to our Smart Station to vend the gate upon entry or exit. Our FlashBeacon technology can also integrate with eParking reservation systems for an even more seamless experience for their customers.

Innovation is part of our DNA, and for us when we are looking for a solution, we are looking for partners who are also innovative. A partner who will help us win clients, win customers, and create a better experience, and FlashParking had done that for us.

Robert DuBurro

Executive Vice President and Managing Partner LAZ Parking

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