Solutions Beyond Parking
Diversify and Increase Parking Revenue

Stand out from other parking assets and drive more value for parkers with modern mobility services like EV charging that is part of the new mobility ecosystem.

Why Parking Operators Choose FLASH vs Others in the Parking Industry

The FLASH Difference for your Parking Facility

Be the Preferred Destination

Parkers will pay more and even go out of their way for special services like EV charging that are part of the new mobility ecosystem.

Customer Insights

Get to know your customers by looking at utilization data.

Grow Parking Lots Asset Value

With more services to take advantage of, your asset becomes more valuable to parkers and you can increase your parking revenue.

On-demand Webinar

What Does the EV Boom Mean for Your Operation

The EV revolution is here, and it has significant implications for your asset. Watch our “Electrify Your Asset” webinar on demand to learn more about the significant role your asset will play in the EV boom.

Maximize the Value of Your Asset

Mobility Services

EV Charging

With FLASH’s Ev Charging Program, you increase your location’s value and transition from an isolated, single-use asset to a multi-use hub, differentiating you from other nearby garages and parking lots.

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