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Service Advantage

The parking industry has long relied on dense maintenance contracts and equipment with fixed expiration dates to sustain revenues over years of ownership. We decided to do things differently: no expensive maintenance contracts, simple and adaptable equipment, and the ability to perform DIY maintenance with the assurance that you’re never alone.

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A Simplified Maintenance Philosophy for Less Downtime

Powerful Software

The true power of any FlashParking solution is in its software, which is why we take a minimalist approach to hardware. Most new functionality – whether it be optional upgrades or mandatory security updates – can be added with simple over-the-air software configurations.

Plug-and-Play Hardware

All necessary hardware in our kiosks is connected via a USB-based, plug-and-play system in which components can be individually screwed in and out to be upgraded or updated as needed, without replacing the entire kiosk. Spare parts can be found in the FlashCare Maintenance Kit and switched out within minutes by anyone on site with a screwdriver in hand.

A Nationwide Service Network

But – you’re never alone! In the event of more advanced hardware issues, call us. We have partnered with the nationwide Burroughs service network to offer our customers prompt service when they need it. Simply let us know what problems you’re having and if we can’t resolve it over the phone, we’ll dispatch someone to be onsite in as little as four hours.

In fact, in the past three months only 1% of our support calls required an on-site technician, all of which were completed within a day.

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Nationwide Network

About Burroughs 

For decades, Burroughs has been a national provider of service delivery. Burroughs provides high quality service on FlashParking’s parking systems throughout the US. As a result of acquisition and organic growth over the years, Burroughs has expanded its maintenance services footprint to offer one of the nation’s largest maintenance and support organizations with more than 800 Customer Service Engineers.

FlashParking has chosen Burroughs due to their call center technology, logistics management and proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently to their client’s support needs. Using the Burroughs network, we will be able to provide support staff in multiple call centers, covering all time zones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Burroughs’ ability to quickly handle and route calls in any time zone that our clients require, while providing backup and recovery protection will provide FlashParking complete system service coverage in the North American market.


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