Why FlashParking

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Powering the Parking Evolution

Ready to change the way you look at parking?

Introducing FlashOS: the first operating system developed to power mobility hubs.

What is a mobility hub?

Each hub is unique – but at its core a mobility hub is simply a point where modes of mobility intersect. Whether those modes are cars, eScooters, public transit, or a mix of much more depends on the needs of the market.

Parking assets that adopt a connected mindset can set themselves up to thrive in markets today – and tomorrow.

How? By integrating with emerging new mobility services as the demand for them grows.

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How it Works

FlashOS powers our entire suite of parking solutions and reports back to our business intelligence engine to help these assets diversify revenue and pave the path ahead.

Armed with the intelligence to inform strategy and the tools to succeed, parking assets can then extend their capabilities into a strategic mix of smart parking, transportation, and logistics through FlashParking’s open-API platform and ecosystem of partners.

With the right technology, intelligence, and relationships, parking assets will emerge as leaders of 21st century mobility.


What Our Clients Have To Say

From expansive medical centers managing dozens of facilities to bustling downtown garages controlling high traffic for small spaces, our customers are redefining what it means to park.

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