Put yourself on the map.


Increase your visibility, credibility, reach, and revenue with our Google Maps integration.

Expanded reACH

Google Maps integration allows your location to reach more people by attracting new customers who may not have found your facility otherwise.

Enhanced credibility

Customers have more trust in businesses that are verified on Google Maps, the #1 most-used navigation app in the United States.

250 million drivers

will see BOOK ONLINE buttons across all major U.S. navigation apps in 2024

Only with Flash

FLASH partner ecosystem

All major mapping platforms -

only available through Flash.

10 auto OEM brands -

delivering in-dash parking search and purchase options this year.

All major ticketing platforms -

embedding parking purchase options this year.

Get started

  1. Provide a list of all your locations to your sales rep

  2. Flash audits locations for reservation capability

  3. Approve terms for Flash to ‘co-manage’ business profiles with demand partners; i.e. Google & Waze


Launch to unlock new revenue by delivering the new driver experience.

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The State of Digital Payments in Mobility

74% of consumers state they'll stay contactless even after the panedmic.

“Since switching to digital payment systems, the Parkway enterprise has seen fewer errors (zero recurring mechanical errors, in fact) and more revenue generation.”

RJ Juliano, CMO & CIO, Parkway Corporation

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