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FlashVision is a growing platform of Artifical Intelligence (AI)-based computer vision technologies designed to simplify modern parking access, revenue control, and remote management.

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An entire suite of solutions for LPR, Signature, Car Counting, and more

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Gain insights into parker behavior and prevent revenue loss

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Gain control over your operation, from preventing parkers lifting gates to

Peak Parking Case Study

The Perry Brooks garage has seen 21% YoY revenue growth with Flash AI Vision

“The growth we saw was exponential, so bringing (almost) our whole portfolio onto the Flash platform was an easy choice.”

Will Spielhagen, Managing Partner, Peak Parking

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Product Comparison

Which Touchless Option is Right for You?

With a variety of touchless access options, we have the right modern technology for locations of all shapes and size

Advanced Vehicle Identification

Hangtags or windshield stickers give drivers automatic access.

License Plate Recognition

LPR utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based computer vision to captures license plate information.

LPR + Signature

Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based vehicle identification system that identifies cars using advanced machine learning models to create unique signatures for each vehicle.


Users press a button within the Flash app and are granted access in seconds.

Car Counting
Counts vehicles with up to 98% accuracy.

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