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Integrated Parking Solutions for Modern Transportation

Manage your parking facility and find new revenue opportunities with integrated access control, gates, kiosks, valet, and more that seamlessly sync to a cloud dashboard for automation and insights.

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FLASH is committed to accelerating the recovery of our industry and optimization of your asset by making the most advanced parking technology, business intelligence and mobility solutions more accessible than ever, at the lowest cost to date.

Large or small, operations in any industry can benefit from our highly customizable solutions.


Intuitive, mobile-first technology to match the modern airport experience.


Real-time revenue visibility and cloud-based reliability for on-the-go management.


A high-tech, touchless experience fit for 21st-century lifestyles.


Streamlined management and touchless access for elevated patient, visitor, and employee experiences.

Higher Education

High-level visibility and robust controls to simplify the user and management experience.


A seamless first touchpoint that welcomes guests with elevated technology and intuitive interfaces.


The technology infrastructure to build smart cities for the future, starting with mobility.


The Mobility Hub.

FLASH is powering the evolution of isolated assets into connected hubs of mobility that serve more than just parking.

We have more ways to get from A to B, let’s demand more from our assets labeled “P”: more adaptability, more intelligence, more value.

Why FlashOS

Powered by FlashOS.

Our suite of parking solutions, business intelligence engine, and ecosystem of service integrations all run on a single, cloud-based operating system.

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See how a parking management system that leverages the technology of today can help you create an experience that’s fit for tomorrow.
FLASH’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell

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