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Smart City Mobility Hubs

Learn how FlashParking is “Powering the Parking Evolution: From Isolated Parking Assets to Connected Mobility Hubs.”

Connecting Mobility Hubs for Smart Cities

As the transportation ecosystem changes dramatically, the infrastructure required to support it must also evolve for urban mobility to truly improve. Traditional parking assets are poised to power this mobility. In collaboration with our operating partners, isolated parking assets are becoming connected Mobility Hubs and enabling new types of transactions with real-time, system-wide visibility, powering smart cities responsive to the ebb and flow of urban activity, seamlessly balancing supply and demand.

As a business who has the ability to influence urban mobility significantly, it was imperative to solve the growing congestion issues facing urban populations. Partnering with FlashParking at an enterprise-level will allow cities, like our hometown of Philadelphia, to benefit from all the real-time data and business intelligence that can help win the war on congestion.

Robert Zuritsky

CEO of Parkway Corporation and Incoming Board Chairman of the National Parking Association (NPA)

The Anatomy of a Mobility Hub

Mobility Hubs must enable every facet of the increasingly complex transportation ecosystem…from staging, charging, valeting, and cleaning, to servicing, launching, and landing.

How FlashParking Powers the Mobility Hub

FlashParking’s technology layer enables new types of transactions with future-ready infrastructure, delivers real-time, cloud-based transaction processing for unprecedented asset management and system-wide visibility, and our seamless mobile integrations facilitate frictionless movement for all customers and vehicle types.

At SpotHero, we believe faster, easier and more intuitive parking technology is a critical ingredient for the next phase of urban mobility—a multi-model future where parking technologies make the experience of driving and parking easy, convenient and enjoyable. FlashParking shares this vision. One-tap redemption is a concrete step toward that vision, as our companies work together to make parking a completely frictionless experience for drivers today and tomorrow.

Adam Zilberbaum

SVP of Technology, Tools and Partnerships at SpotHero.

Let’s Connect

Our Partners in the Evolution of Parking for Smart Cities

Parking Operators

Asset Owners


Companies in Mobility Ecosystem

FlashParking isn’t creating and connecting mobility hubs for smart cities alone. Building a mobility ecosystem that addresses urban congestion and its associated costs requires private and public collaboration. For parking operators, asset owners, municipalities, and companies in the mobility ecosystem that share our vision for smarter, cleaner, safer, and more efficient urban living, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

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