FlashParking Partners with Burroughs Service Network for a 21st Century Service Model

Parking Technology Leader FlashParking to Complement Self-Service Model with a Network of Flash-certified Service Technicians

Austin, TX (January 27, 2020)FlashParking, the leader in parking technology, is pleased to announce a national service partnership with Burroughs, Inc. available to customers immediately. Complementing FlashParking’s self-service model, the company has trained and certified the network of over 600 Burroughs service technicians in USB-based hardware repairs and routine maintenance on kiosks.

Over the past four years, FlashParking’s cloud-based software and do-it-yourself maintenance have turned the parking industry’s antiquated service structure on its head. Unreliable proprietary technology, cumbersome maintenance contracts, and costly repairs were a major revenue driver for legacy service providers — until FlashParking gave owners and operators of parking assets another choice.

Self-sustained maintenance starts with core functionality that operates on software in the cloud rather than the hardware on the ground. Since the majority of functionality is programmed into the operating system, the hardware is minimal — and therefore the risk of hardware downtime is minimal. When components do need repairs or replacements, FlashParking’s plug-and-play kiosk design makes it easy to replace a single part in a matter of minutes with guidance from FlashParking’s support team. Spare parts are offered to locations in the form of a FlashCare Maintenance Kit and the only tools required are a screwdriver and hexagonal wrench.

However, if on-site attendants at locations operating on FlashParking are not able — or do not feel comfortable enough — to perform repairs, locations can now reach out to a Flash-certified Burroughs service technician to request repairs. Service technicians will be onsite within 4-6 hours for hardware complications that significantly disrupt operations, and for other replacements or repairs, Burroughs technicians will be onsite within 24 hours. Any necessary parts will be utilized from an existing FlashCare Maintenance Kit or sourced from a stocking center nearby.

Dannika Fifi, FlashParking’s Vice President of Client Services says, “We wanted to be confident that our network of technicians could deliver the consistent service and efficiency we demand for our customers. Burroughs has undoubtedly set the bar for service technicians across similar critical operation industries and we are eager to shape their impact on the parking market, which has far too long been dominated by excessive maintenance processes.”

Burroughs is North America’s largest independent service organization for payment and transaction technology ecosystems for financial institutions, retail, gaming institutions, and hardware OEMs. Burroughs’ OEM-agnostic approach to technology and their extensive expertise of hardware components, such as those encased in FlashParking’s Smart Stations, allowed for less downtime — eliminating the need to replace entire machines.

“We are excited about our partnership with FlashParking. This allows Burroughs to enter a new and exciting market, and to do what we do best so that FlashParking can focus on their core business,” says Anson Martin, Burroughs’ CEO.

This new partnership will flip the parking industry’s outdated standard for service on its head in favor of a more efficient model for a once service-dependent industry.

About FlashParking

FlashParking is the leader in parking technology powering the transformation from isolated parking assets to connected mobility hubs with the first Mobility Hub Operating System. Once underutilized parking assets are being revived to meet 21st-century expectations with enhanced parking, business intelligence, and partnerships in the mobility ecosystem. To learn more visit, www.flashparking.com.

About Burroughs

Burroughs is the largest independent service and integration organization for payment and transaction technologies in North America. With a 133-year history of helping customers advance their cash management operations, we are a trusted partner in the full lifecycle management of technology ecosystems. To learn more visit, www.burroughs.com.

Media Contact:
Alessandra Gonzales, Carve Communications for FlashParking
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Media Contact:
Alessandra Gonzales
Carve Communications for FlashParking

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