Keys to Victory: Accessibility

Greatness is bred from grit and led by those who reach out and grab success, rather than waiting for it. 

We know well that fortune favors the bold, and we’ve always built solutions for the rule-breakers and innovators of our industry. Today, that means technology is evolving faster than ever. And at this pace, it can be hard to keep up.   

But we’re committed to being on the tails of every new, great innovation to be able to bring it to our customers in just weeks or even days. But at this rate, the traditional model of investing in technology doesn’t make as much sense anymore.

That’s why we introduced the industry’s first Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model: it allows you to keep pace with the rapid rate of innovation without the massive and repeated investment outlays that those upgrades would typically cost.

HaaS puts the best technology within reach for organizations of any size. The purchasing model is designed to grow with you; so as needs change and grow, your investment evolves, too. 

Plus, the resources you put into building a robust technology system for your mobility hub are transferrable. That means your investment is never going towards something that will soon be obsolete – it’s an evergreen solution that resists obsolescence entirely.  

So, what allows us to bring this one-of-a-kind offering to the game? A few competencies that we’ve strategically built up since day one:

Our cloud-born platform enables over-the-air software updates so critical security patches, optional updates, and routine system improvements are all processed within minutes with no disruption in service and no on-site technicians. You won’t even know it’s happening!

Minimal hardware is part of what makes our solutions so reliable. Less moving parts means less things that can break. And when you’re running 24/7, that consistency is invaluable. 

Risk mitigation is one of the biggest benefits of HaaS, starting with low CAPEX. But Flash also boasts the most secure system in the market, with managed PCI compliance where 99% of the responsibility is taken care of for you. 

In the year ahead, rather than settling for solutions that run already outdated technology for a lower price tag – choose a purchasing model that works for you. The unexpected costs of maintenance and perpetual updates can’t be overlooked. And products with a limited lifetime are laden with those hidden costs. 

The best technology in the market is within reach. We’ve created an unparalleled approach to accessibility that makes traditional buying seem almost outdated. Because the winners in our industry now are not the same ones that prevailed in the past. 

And tomorrow’s greatest are the ones who reach out for the building blocks of success, today. 

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