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FlashVision LPR

Powered by Uncanny Vision



FlashVision’s LPR offering leverages AI-based computer vision to capture license plate information in less than a second with over 95% accuracy.

For monthly and transient parkers alike, LPR creates a touchless experience with unmatched simplicity. And for facility owners and operators, the remote accessibility and cloud reporting capabilities make this LPR solution easier to manage than any other technology on the market.

Unlike traditional LPR solutions, FlashVision has no loops, includes a >95% accuracy SLA, and is available only via our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) purchasing model.

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What can a FlashParking system do for you? It starts with optimizing your day-to-day operations. Happier customers, easier management. Then, real-time insights come into play – from an entire network of facilities down to their individual kiosks. Finally, your ability to adapt pays off. New ways to serve your customers and source revenue begin to sprout up. So, how do we get there?


Parkers don’t even have to roll down a window, let alone touch a kiosk to gain access


The entry and exit experience with LPR is simple, quick, and easy for parkers


With LPR monitoring every vehicle that enters, facilities can choose to forgot gates while still managing access and revenue

How It Works

For Monthly Parkers

When a vehicle pulls up to the facility, the camera takes a frame grab in less than a second and communicates the identified license plate number. The plate will then be matched with an account in the system, the gate will vend, and an entry will be marked to maintain passback protection.

For Transient Parkers

When a vehicle pulls up to the facility, a camera takes a frame grab in less than a second, instantly opening a ticket for that parker and beginning their parking session. Once the parker is ready to leave, they will simply pull up to the exit point, where their license plate will once again be read. An accurate rate will be calculated and pushed to the kiosk for payment. Upon being paid, the ticket will close, and the gate will vend.

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