Real Customers, Real Results – Nick Aubrey – Park Rite

We sat down with Nick Aubrey of Park Rite to hear how FlashParking has been able to directly impact operations across the group’s portfolio of parking assets. 

Growing up in the parking business, Aubrey was able to recognize how parking technology stagnated over time, especially as the rest of the world advanced. That’s why now, as managing partner, he is constantly seeking out more intelligent, high-tech ways to get the job done. 

Since introducing FlashParking, Park Rite has seen benefits in day-to-day operations, revenues, and long-term business prospects. 

On the management side, cloud-based competencies have made operational oversight a breeze compared to past systems, which were architected with bulky, inefficient on-site servers. As a company that manages multiple properties, Park Rite’s visibility across the board has been critical. Previously, managers struggled to stay on top of activities across three or four locations. Now locations powered by FlashParking can be managed from a single, comprehensive portal across multiple properties. 

Park Rite has seen customer-facing benefits as well. Both monthly and transient parkers have streamlined access options, which result in higher levels of customer satisfaction as well as reduced ingress and egress times. In addition, Park Rite can now integrate with auxiliary mobility services that offer differentiation from other parking garages and lots in the industry. 

Thanks to FlashParking, Park Rite is confident that they are ready for the future of mobility. A foundation of cloud-based, open-API infrastructure means that Park Rite is ready to grow, expand, and evolve alongside the rest of the technology-driven world.