Happy Veteran’s Day From FlashParking

Military Precision Shapes the FlashParking Story 

FlashParking co-founders Juan Rodriguez and Eliseo Diaz share a vision for the future as well as a history in the U.S. Armed Forces. We honor them today for Veteran’s Day.

FlashParking’s co-founders Juan Rodriguez and Eliseo Diaz share more than a vision for the future – they share a past enriched by military values. While their time in the U.S. armed forces was decidedly very different, the lessons instilled in them, the perspective they gained, and the passion they have carried forward are very much the same.  From leveraging relationships between people, processes, and technology to developing strategies for breaking organizational barriers, the unique experiences of our veteran co-founders have permeated throughout FlashParking’s business strategy and day-to-day operations.  problem-solving attitude is core to the perspective that Juan and Eliseo have brought to their work here at FlashParking. With every new challenge that FlashParking takes on – whether it be the hassle of having to pay cash for valet or the chronic congestion that plagues urban areas today – we look to seize opportunity.  For the November issue of Parking Today, Juan and Eliseo penned an editorial connecting their time in service to the way their business operates today. In the feature, the pair focuses on… 
  • The present challenge they are taking on in today’s industry, “Too Many Vehicles, Not Enough Curbsides” 
  • The task of “Breaking Down Silos and Fiefdoms” 
  • Recognizing and implementing “Transformative Technologies” 
  • And their ongoing “Commitment to Serve” 
The full article featuring FlashParking’s veteran co-founders Juan Rodriguez and Eliseo Diaz is available on page 36 of Parking Today’s November issue.