Tired of Driving in Circles to Find Off-Street Parking?

Mobility integration between FlashParking and SpotAngels makes off-street parking a little less maddening

SpotAngels and FlashParking are pleased to announce a partnership that will allow parking assets powered by FlashParking to show real-time off-street garage and surface lot occupancy to SpotAngel’s customers. The City of Las Vegas is the first municipality to utilize this mobility integration.

In major urban areas across the United States, the process of circling block after block searching for a parking space is an all too familiar and dreaded experience. But with the influx of technologies adding convenience and efficiency to our everyday hassles, one has finally risen to meet this specific challenge; SpotAngels is a crowdsourced mobile application that helps users find parking options, remember where they park and avoid tickets.

While FlashParking offers data intelligence capabilities at the business level, SpotAngels delivers powerful data directly to the consumer in order to simplify and enhance everyday life. That’s why we’ve partnered together in a solution that innovates the parking experience for owners and operators of parking facilities as well as for their customers.

By extending FlashParking’s off-street occupancy monitoring capabilities to the consumer level, the SpotAngel platform minimizes the time and effort it takes to find parking spaces in the downtown area and maximizes the simplicity of accessing gated parking facilities and surface lots.

When searching for a space, users can access the SpotAngels app, find a garage in their desired location, and then view real-time pricing and space availability for any on-street, garage, or lot parking that is equipped with FlashParking technology. Displaying all this information in an intuitive interface, SpotAngels offers its users an easy-to-digest map that will guide their journey. The platform connects directly to SpotHero for simple eParking reservations, payment, and even frictionless Bluetooth access—another cutting-edge feature enabled by FlashParking technology.

“As the first crowdsourced parking platform in North America, our goal at SpotAngels is to show all parking information and options in a city through our award-winning map-based App,” said Maxwell Mickey, VP of Sales of SpotAngels. “Our partnership with FlashParking shows off-street occupancy in real-time, which brings our mission of inner-city parking efficiency full circle by involving municipalities, parking owners, and operators, and users.”

“We are so grateful for innovative cities like Las Vegas that are actively pursuing the interconnected mobility model by investing in solutions like the FlashParking and SpotAngel partnership,” said Carlos Hernandez, VP of R&D of FlashParking. “The benefits we’ve seen between businesses, consumers, and societies as a whole is truly incredible.”

The addition of SpotAngels capabilities to a garage or lot equipped with FlashParking can grow your market share, improve the satisfaction of parkers, drive customer loyalty, and generate new sources of revenue. If you want to add SpotAngels to your current FlashParking operations, contact Maxwell@spotangels.com, (630) 363-4351.